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The man behind the smile is known for his passion for life.

He wears many hats. Father, husband, teacher, chef, athlete, scholar, brother and more. A lover of travel, fine wine and great company, laughter is never far from earshot when he is near. His name is Dr Basil Jemmott affectionately know by his peers as ‘Dr . J’. Always keen about his fitness regimen, in 2020 he began feeling extremely unwell. While working in Turks & Caicos, he found that his breathing became very laboured and was beginning to retain water in his body. Unable to diagnose he returned to Barbados. After several visits to cardiologists and medical tests they revealed that Basil has ‘Cardiac Amyloidosis’.

To explain in common terms, Amyloidosis is a hereditary defect by which the liver produces an unhealthy protein that releases into the body and (for him) clusters onto the heart causing the walls of the heart to become extremely thick. The thicker the heart walls become,the harder it is to breathe. Currently, there is a drug being used to minimize the amount of protein reaching the heart.

But he is a fighter and has the faith and the will to live. This website  is created as an attempt to raise funds to help Basil receive the heart transplant he needs in order to live a longer and healthier quality of life. Insurance will not cover the cost of the transplant and time is ticking. He needs a new heart. We are asking for your support through donating what you can to help raise the funds needed to save his life. At 58 years old, he has so much more of his life to live and enjoy. We can’t thank you enough. God bless.

Messages from the Jemmott Family

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Dear Donors,
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We hope this message finds you well. We are writing to you today with a heavy heart to ask for your help. Our beloved Basil Jemmott has been diagnosed with Cardiac Amyloidosis, a rare and life-threatening condition that affects the heart. The only solution to this is a heart transplant, which is a very expensive and complicated procedure.

We are reaching out to you today because we need your help to cover the medical expenses associated with this surgery. We are humbly asking for your assistance in raising funds to help us cover Basil's medical expenses. Any donation, no matter how small, will go a long way towards making this transplant possible and giving Basil a fighting chance at life.

If you would like to contribute to our cause, please visit our fundraising page Click Here to make a donation. We thank you in advance for your generosity, and we will keep you updated on Basil's progress.


The Jemmott Family

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Message from Hazel Jemmott
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Officially I became Matriarch of the Jemmott family in 1990 after the death of our mother Mazie Jemmott. But, my journey as leader of the family started much earlier.

Born in 1937 life was much different then. I did not have much of an early education as I started working very early in order to assist with the raising of my siblings.

My job then and still is to keep the family, immediate and extended together by looking out for them and caring for each one based on their individual needs.

Basil is the last of my siblings, and he has been there for all of us. Now he needs all of us to be here for him.

We are calling on all of you to give Basil your full support.

Hazel Jemmott

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YOur StorieS

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Kenmore Bynoe
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I first met, or saw, Basil Jemmott in 1982 when as a new volleyball pimp I started following the sport wherever it was played. Going to Grazettes I saw Basil spiking, dinking and serving and in my ignorance of volleyball, I thought that he was the best player in Barbados.

That began a relationship with the Jemmotts where I was part of so many meals prepared by Arlene and Alvin, I was part of Alvin’s wedding, Ossie’s funeral, Mother Maisie’s funeral, Michael’s funeral, Arlene’s funeral, editing Alvin’s book and Basil’s wedding which I shot some years ago..

I recall Basil not making the Barbados team to Guyana in 1984 but he toured with us as a referee and shared a room with me. He made the call when I hit the ball into the top of the net at game and match point.

As a vegetarian we used to teased Basil about how he was a cook and did not eat meat. I recall Alvin cooking up a dish for himself and me one day and we were enjoying that meal while teasing Basil that he dined on “Ping” which was the sound made by the microwave when he “fixed” some insipid meatless meal in the microwave.

Beside volleyball I spent many years in Basil’s company when his workplace provided buffet meals for the public’s purchase. Basil’s passion was family, volleyball, culinary pursuits and teaching all of which he pursued and enjoyed with a perpetual smile.

We will always remember that Basil and that smile! May he rest in peace!

Message 2
Dr. Ricardo Knight
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The Long Goodnight
(For Basil Jemmott )

Goodnight, my friend,
The long goodbye is here,
We held onto hope until the end,
But now, our greatest fear.

Our brother lost his final fight,
His once blazing star now grey,
A cloud has covered up his light,
He has seen his final day.

We loved him dearly, that much is true,
We wanted more than he could give,
There was so much more to do,
There was much more life to live.

I hope it's true what they say,
There's a better place where he lies,
He woke there today,
Smiling down on our goodbyes.

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Barbados Volleyball Association
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The volleyball fraternity has been thrown into mourning once again with the passing of former assistant national coach Basil Jemmott who died on Monday while seeking medical treatment in the United States.

Basil was a member of the strong Jemmott volleyball family from Cave Hill who were the founders of the Royals Sports and Cultural Club which won the 1998 division one crown and the women’s knockout title in 1990. Elder brother Alvin represented Barbados as a setter and nephew Troy played on the Barbados junior team.

The Jemmott were heavily involved in The Christ The King Church activities with Basil carrying the cross for many years while the Jemmotts’ home on Cave Hill’s main road was the gathering point and restaurant for many volleyballers.

President of the Barbados Volleyball Association, Kenmore Bynoe played with Basil and Alvin for Royals for many years and he described Basil as the consummate coach and teacher who found greatest success in his students’ success.

“Basil’s perpetual smile and his affable demeanor masked a seriousness of a tutor who sought nothing less than perfection from his students in their bid to achieve more in life.

Basil was a perfect model for anyone he taught as having left The Coleridge and Parry School with hardly any qualifications he rose to become one of the most qualified tutors at Pommarine and he went on to gain his Doctorate through his perseverance for greater knowledge.

I am sure that Basil would have looked back on his days of coaching volleyball and considered his stint as the national assistant women’s coach when Barbados’ Junior played in the Caribbean Champions in Jamaica in 1999. Although Barbados only gained the silver, 10 of the 12 players went on to get volleyball Scholarships in the United States."
The Officers and Members of the BVA and the entire volleyball family wish Basil’s wife, children and family our deepest condolences.

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Ways We Can Help


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the Jemmott Family

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Funeral Home Notice

6 June 2023

Lynhurst Funeral Home will be streaming the funeral live at this link www.lyndhurstfuneralhome.com/events/basil-jemmott

Basil Jemmott


10 June 2023

Official announcement that Dr. Basil Jemmott's service and burial will be held on Saturday the 10th of June 2023 at the St. Stephen’s Anglican Church. The service will commence at 10am.

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23 May 2023

Due to the sudden passing of Dr. Jemmott this event has been postponed. A new date will be announced when we will celebrate the life and legacy of Dr. Basil Jemmott.

The Family Man

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